Saturday, March 7, 2015

"Diaries of a traveling artist" on show now!

Hi everyone

Well this month and into next (13 April), my artworks are showing at Fairview Artspace in Mudgee. These works have all been inspired by my various trips into and around Australia.

As I explore this colourful and exciting country, I find I just have to return to the studio and express myself in colour and form that reflects the feelings I have felt whilst out there..... yep, out there.... outback as we call it!'

To give you a small idea of some of the places I have seen, here's a couple of photos:

On 28th and 29th March, I will be out at Mudgee in the gallery. I'll show a series of slides of places I have been to give you an idea of what inspires me to paint the Australian outback.

For too long, we have all been led astray into believing that this is a dull, dry and dusty country worth nothing else than for raping and pillaging. Well, the Australia I know is far from being boring, flat and dull. It is a wild and wonderful country full of colours, energy and forms beyond anything we can imagine.... but you need to be able to find the places, take the time to let the magic happen.

Join me in Mudgee even if it's only to be inspired to get in your car and travel out into our wilderness!