Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tao of Drawing

Hi everyone!

It was a lovely day at Katoomba yesterday. I really enjoyed the class and the good company. The afternoon was sunny but a bit chilly, but we still managed to get down to Wentworth Falls to have a look around. The lake was gorgeous, clear and bright!

I have put 76 photos of my stroll through the forest for you on Picasa web so just go and take a look at the pictures for added inspiration and to remind you of the day. Just click on the "Tao of Drawing" title above or click on picture at bottom of post for the album!

It was a Tai Chi exercise for the 'mind, body and soul' and many of you found the peace in just being in the moment by drawing a simple drawing of something you 'found' in the forest, an element of the nature around us!

Drawing is an excellent way to connect to Tao, so take some time out when you're stressed and just 'be' with an object of your choice, lose yourself in it by drawing it and you will find that inner peace once again.

For those of you in the class, you can use the photos as inspiration for your own paintings with my permission.

I found a small potaroo (Australian Marsupial) in the forest. He is different to the house rat or mouse, in that he has a long nose, a softer look to his face, and rounder, browner ears......he was just sitting on the path when I walked up. Lovely! If you find one of these in the bush, don't hurt them. They are an endangered species and need our respect and care.

See you all again one day!


Tao of Drawing Katoomba