Saturday, July 26, 2008

13 Photographers at Borrodell!

Well Wow! What a great night! The gallery was crowded for an interesting night again at Borrodell Cellar Gallery....the wine flowed, the noise, the noise, the noise, ah and yes, it 'was noise' as well.

13 photographers showing off their art which included some gimmicks, some tricks and some really cutting edge images. It demonstrated how photographers now feel the need to break away from classical photos and become more edgey as the market becomes flooded with wannabees. In some ways, the work reflected the break from traditional art forms that artists went through when cameras first came into being and threatened the life blood of artists.

Back then, recording the family and their belongings was the realm of realist painters and of course this shifted as photographers took over. Artists had to find the edge and they did. Now we see this happening as photographers find their domain being impacted by the digital camera.

So an interesting show that demands attention and raises questions about the place of photography in the modern world and the future.........must go if in until end August!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Next Big Event! Mulga Bill Festival!

Hi everyone!

Next weekend sees a great number of festivities happening in the bush! Cumnock will come alive on Friday night with an art show - that is after the sheep are shorn! No! Really the sheep will be shorn at the pub as part of the pedal power drives the shearing plant so the going could be rough!

Followed on by 2 great days of novelty bike races plus the real thing over Yeoval way! So drag out the old penny farthing and fire her up for a great come along!

The Army is coming along as well with 1000 ration recipes for you to try....just the thing for when the petrol runs out! You can camp out or hotel/motel it in any nearby town!

See you there!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Romy Tysoe-Taylor Exhibition

Well, last night, yours truly was once again invited to open an excellent exhibition. The cold weather has closed in now and today as I sit here with the temperature dropping, I think back on what was a wonderful evening.

Romy is truly an extraordinary painter. Her favourite subject is nudes, and nude they are; bright, colourful, strong lines and explicit. They draw you into their private worlds as they sit there on the canvas with no shyness or cover. From the first time I saw Romy's work over 10 years ago now, I have always loved her freedom of painting the human body with such abandon.

It certainly was a joyful evening, with many others in attendance...... a good country supper as always and plenty of local wines to help the evening along.

I noticed the red dots appearing as I was leaving and saw Romy beaming at what is a successful first solo show. Romy has 10 years of solid instruction in the arts from Seaforth TAFE (4 years) and a further 4 years at CoFA leaving with a Masters in the early 90's. A seasoned and well developed painter who can hold her own.

You can visit Romy in her studio, Mandagery Art Studio, Broad Street, Eugowra if you have missed the show!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow in Orange NSW!

I know, I know! It'll be all over the news tonight how we got snow in Orange! But don't rush to your car and head out here just yet!

This morning I looked out the window and oh heaven! There it was! Snow! Thought to myself "Oh Goodie I can paint snow!" So headed out in the car to the mountain.......beautiful rainbow in the Towac Valley.......
However, the snow was a terrible disappointment.....not much of a fall after all!Did find some intrepid souls though trekking up the Pinnacle! and saw Neil, local arts fellow, out with his camera.......hope you did better than me Neil!

Well it's now 3.5 oC...sun is shining.....hopefully more on the way!