Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reminiscing at Year's end!

Well, I've just looked at the date of my last blog and see it's back in the middle of 2010.....which just goes to show how quick this year has passed by. I set out to have a good year and it's definitely been that!

The Survey of my artworks over the last 30 years or so has been hung at the Orange Regional Gallery and opened to a large crowd of the best people I know. It was fantastic to see the different crowd that came to the opening that night. There's a 2 mb video on my website if you want to wait for it load....shows about 1/3 of the show.

With 6 exhibitions behind me this year, I am looking towards hopefully a quieter 2011. This year has been quite strenuous and one has to wonder what sort of perverted amusement one gets from all the pressure. Along with my own shows, I have hung and curated another 10 or so at Jayes in Molong so in many ways I am exhibited out!

There was also the larger than life itself, putting together of CONTEMPORANEA with Jim van Geet which traveled from Melbourne CBD to Canberra over the month of October to November. Jim and I were amazed at the exceptional response we got to our proposal for the Florence Biennale Artists of Australia group which we head up, to exhibit together. We expected about 20 artists to respond but no; 33 artists put their hands up and we ended up with over 100 paintings, all of which were large or really, really large to hang. Argh! But Jim is an amazing man and whilst the whole exercise put me into hospital with a 'stress' attack,. Jim carried on and hung the Melbourne show then packed it and took it to Canberra. Thanks also to all those wonderful artists who pitched in and helped!

You can see my friend and artist, Sibylle Werner here with Good Boy by Gillie and Marc! Good Boy was a great drawcard and brought a variety of responses!

Here we are at the National Gallery testing out the pears!

 All round it's been a great year! Hard, but great! So till next time, break a leg!