Friday, May 14, 2010

New adventure - oh Joyous!

Well hi,

It always seems a little weird, sitting here at my desk, pondering the outside world......they tell me that computers make you antisocial......not sure whether that's right in my case as I seem to get about a fair bit......yep, even at my age!

Just lately, I've taken up the new role of arts editor for Style Magazine......"the essential lifestyle guide for rural and regional NSW". And just this week, the first edition came out with my glamour shot, editorial and feature article in it! Couldn't be more thrilled really.....amazing what glossy white paper and crisp clean print can do for one's words. I have cleaned up OK for the amazed at how good Diana's photography is. Either that or she has a fabulous camera that should be gold plated!

See what I mean! Hmmm! This is going to be a good journey for me, I feel it in my bones! And it's always good to be able to write about the thing that inspires you the most in life and for me that would be the arts! All those wonderful images and objects that people create...there's always something new to look at, wonder about or trigger something deep!

So anyway, the adventure begins.....who would of thought that at my age I'd start yet another new journey and one that will inspire me to grow more! Life just gets better!