Friday, September 2, 2011

Time out is needed even for the best artist!

I feel all of us artists should take some time out from ourselves at times and so this last week or so, I have been doing just that. I took a short holiday to Coffs Harbour..... so different to going to Broome! Of course as I've been there many times before, I was relieved to find I could put my art eyes and my camera aside for a week and just do the same as everyone else does on a holiday! Read books, watch videos, window shop, stroll on the beach, and talk with friends!

I find myself reflecting on how good it was not to have to think about art for a week and just chill! And so I am writing today to tell all of you that paint and reflect on life and its meaning, take some time off from yourself! Give it a go! It's been so good for me that I really feel like I have had a holiday! So much so, that I am not wanting to get back into it just yet!

I did relent though and give a workshop to my girlfriends! Just one day where we focused on 'eyes' and 'lips' - it was good fun and here's some of the results!

I returned of course to hit the deck running and there's to much to do! I find I've been given a new job in my absence, Publicity Officer for Colour City Creatives! ah well! But I was thinking of being a bit more committed there anyway so it'll be good to get that group up and running.... there's a lot to do! But they're a terrific group of artists and craftsmen and it's a fantastic project!

I rather liked this photo I took off the verandah at the resort! There's a new day dawning in the distance- new beginnings! The forest (people) are growing in the 'light' and I'm standing behind a wire gauze, a separation from it all happening, a protection if you like! I can see it happening but I don't have to be in the middle of it!

Anyway, thank you for reading my blog! I hope I've inspired you to take some time off and reflect and meet with friends! Till next time......