Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday Week!

Well, I went out and had a little walk again this morning....nothing fancy....tried another stumble / shuffle that I think is a run along the path...it's a beautiful spot, the sun is shining and look what I found.....

This little Aussie Pea Flower is called Hardenbergia and at this time of the year can be found in abundance throughout the bush.....just lovely! It'll make a nice Aussie card.....hmmm!

Then went out to the Orange Highland Gardens to measure up the first sculptures to arrive for "Sculptures in the Garden". This is our latest event to be organised and is a new event for the area. Over 14 sculptors will be exhibited with over 26 sculptures....we are really happy as this is the first time for this event!

It's a beautiful outlook from the gardens across the valley to old man Canobolas....love the way the chair reflects the shape and blue of the mount behind it.....nice balance.....I wonder if this was placed here on purpose?

I find one of Norman Organ's emus as I stroll about! They're terrific! Can't wait to see them this weekend in all sizes!

It's fun and warm hearted art isn't it? The work from Suvira McDonald from Byron Bay is very very good.....2 lovely pieces called Citadel that I could definitely live with....this is promising to be an excellent show....hope the weather holds!

And last but not least, this is a brush I bought myself for my birthday! Found it in Raw Canvas for only $14.95! So all you budding artists, get down and see Raw Canvas and buy one! They are great for watercolour paintings!

I have to say my birthday week has been a good one.....tiring in many ways, but happy and quiet as well.....plenty of time to start to catch up on things like my online diary!

Hope to hear from you all soon!