Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Yin and Yang of the Art World

Do landscapes sell? Are art buyers/lovers really interested in the landscape?

It's amazing every day, no matter where or what I go or do, I find people with differing points of view especially about the art world. I guess, really, everyone's experience is so different, so diverse, that we each have to make up our own mind in the long run.

So just thinking it through today, I realise that in my life I have over 700 paintings of the landscape hanging on people's walls and in their offices all over Australia, the US, China, Japan and various other countries throughout the world. My lifetime has been spent pursuing the essence of landscape through colour, shape, intricacy, abstraction and a variety of techniques and materials. Just this week, I have completed several pieces both large and small, and as I view my studio, there's not much in stock..... so the landscape must still be a winner for many collectors - at least in my experience!

So what do you think? Here's my latest work titled "The Ancient Ones" inspired by the many ancient rocks that continue to erode out into the Australian landscape wherever you go..... they can be found in all sorts of places but it's the remote ones I love the best! In an arid landscape, there's nothing quite like coming across a pile of massive boulders! They provide shade, colour and form, beautiful washes of colour, and they 'talk' to you! They tell the story of our fabulous place - our home - Australia!

When I look, I see maybe a couple of female figures laying in repose, maybe discussing 'life' as time passes by..... what do you see?

More on my website!

It doesn't matter what you paint, just continue to follow your heart, eyes and soul and keep painting - "Let it flow and let it go!" (Joy Warren of Solander Gallery in 2011) Thank you Joy for that timely advice. I needed to hear it then and I keep repeating it to myself each day.....

Have a happy painting day and remember, even when sales are slow, it's time to catch up on all those images that are waiting dormant waiting to be born!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Arkaroola!

Just had to make a little video on Arkaroola and why I head out that way! Looking out my window today, I know exactly why I need to leave Orange in winter - aching joints, limpy leg, creaky bones..... the chilly air brings out the worst in us.... and the cold just gets colder every year.... so of course, now I've been home for 5 minutes, I am wanting to turn around and escape again!

So made a little video to pass away the time..... hope you nJoy it!

As well, have been back in the studio as I have a new solo show coming up at Jayes Gallery at Molong..... opens Friday 19 July at 6.30 pm! cyu there?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Arkaroola Art Tour a hoot!

Well hi everyone!

We're back from Arkaroola and it was as usual, amazing! The artists found inspiration and healing in this very special part of the Ozzie outback - deep in the heart of South Australia. It has to be one of my own very favourite places to visit......

We started by flying over Lake Frome - less well known than Lake Eyre and a gem..... this time, the lake had a 50-75 cm cover of water making the surface like a mirror. We were so dumbstruck by it that we couldn't speak much to the consternation of the pilot who thought that we might not have been impressed. But I assured him that we just couldn't speak at the sheer beauty and ethereal nature of the lake in flood.....

Lake Frome

After having our minds expanded in the observatory that night by Doug Sprigg who showed us the starry night sky through his wonderful telescope, we climbed exhausted into bed our sides aching from laughter.

Next day saw us take a gruelling tour of 4 1/2 hours of back breaking chiropractic abuse in the open back of a 4WD across country to Sillers Lookout! But it was well worth the rough ride with everyone sliding up and down the seats into each other!

View from Sillers Lookout

On Day 3, we took a fair hike of just over a km the guide said (hmmm..... it was definitely a lot longer than that!) down through Mawson Valley and to the riverbed where Sharpie, our aboriginal guide told us some dreamtime stories from the area. I think we were all so tired by this time, that we were just happy to have a seat even if it was in the sand! But it was a gentle way for the tour to wind down.

We headed back into the studio, but I feel we all had so many images fighting to emerge in our heads and hearts, that we all found it quite difficult to focus on just one thing to paint..... so we chatted away the afternoon with some people painting hard!

There are more photos on Panoramio and I will load some more as I find time. But in the meantime, consider Arkaroola as a must see destination for the Australian painter! They are friendly, helpful and ready to welcome artists with open arms..... it's well worth the long (fascinating) drive out there! But take plenty of memory cards as they won't go astray!

Looking forward to being able to take more of you on wild painting adventures!

Joy - oh and, we are having a group show at Aawun Gallery later this year! So don't forget to keep an eye out for details as they come to hand!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Wilderness Painting! Come and 'see' with me!

Hi all

Well on my return from the desert trek that Wanda and I took late last year, the place that stood out the most as a painter's paradise was definitely Arkaroola in the South Australian Outback! What a place! IMy heart yearned to return and so after much chopping and changing, I am on a roll and getting back out there!

But wait! You are invited to come and paint with me! This is NOT a camping trip, oh no no! This is not 'roughing it' in the desert! This is a lovely comfortable week at a wonderful wilderness sanctuary in the heart of the North Flinders Ranges that has a highly regarded reputation in the eco-tourism industry! A gem in the bush!

Owned by brother and sister, Doug and Margaret Sprigg, this amazing place will host our painting tour. There's several 4WD treks to take, an aboriginal elder who will guide you through some of the area's dreamtime, not to mention the most inspiring landscapes to get you painting and 'seeing' like you have never seen before.

It was so inspiring that on my return I painted "Flying High" in a whole new range of colours. My own sense of vision has been heightened by going out there and seeing Australian as if seeing it for the first time!. This is truly a wonderful experience (and comfortable and cosy!)

I would love to see this place through your eyes! And see what you come up with in paint!

 Violet ranges with acid limes and yellows, hourly changes of colour, like driving through a 'living painting'
 Some of the landforms are quite strange, new shapes and hills, a fascinating array of colours in a rugged land.

There's an 'ah!' around every corner.... a place begging you to stop, the contentment you feel in this awesome place...... aaahhhh!

If you would like to come along with me in May, then go to my newsletter for more details!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What is 'style', 'palette' and 'subject'?

Obvious? Well no! Apparently not!

I often get the comment, oh you change your style so much! Or 'but this is not the same as your other style!' or even "I like your other style better"  ..... hmmm .......

I have been baffled for ages just what people are talking about? And have wandered away bemused... and a little intrigued.

But aha! the penny dropped the other day! It seems many viewers of art don't understand the difference between 'style' 'pallette' and 'subject'...... I guess what is bleeding well obvious to us as painters, eludes the average viewer who look to see some continuity in an artist's work. This can be quite tricky if the painter isn't a realist prone to painting the same subject..... which is the path many painter's stick to!

If like me, the artist paints different subjects in different mediums and with a range of pallettes, then this can leave the viewer caught off guard. So I thought I'd elucidate a bit.....

My 'style' hasn't changed much over the years except to get more complex and layered. I always start with a seemingly chaotic layer of freely applied paint which can use up to three or four different qualities of acrylic paints from transparent to inks, opaques and thick dribbles. Over this, I build up to six layers which make the work more complex but also adds to the depth of the work and helps to define the subject. I developed this style of working from my early love of watercolours which I then translated into acrylics by using watercolour or flow mediums.  90% of my acrylic paintings are created this way, in this style of paint application. I still paint watercolours from time to time, like the one above, but they are single layer works.

My 'subject' matter has however changed over time as I usually wander between 'inner forests' and 'landscapes' - sometimes 'aerial mapping of the land' - and again 90% of my works are on these themes..... however, like all artists, I often get called on to paint other subjects such as portraits, florals, interiors, abstracts.... etc and since I can, I do.....

Then it comes to 'pallette' - and here the fun begins because I love colours - all of them! So I am not inclined to just chose a limited pallette but like to explore all sorts of different colourways and combinations! No wonder the viewer gets worried..... because if they aren't completely observant but just give my art a passing glance, then they would never have studied the way I actually apply my paints hence thinking I have changed my 'style'......

I guess they can be forgiven!

The other confusing thing that a viewer needs to be aware of is that of 'materials' and as an artist, I often paint on paper, canvas, or even can collage papers together to make my own ground...... lately, I have also ventured into having some of my larger and major works editioned onto Italian papers and Indian Silks to add to the mix. These all add to the many differences that one can see in my works and to the confusion. However, I still paint in the same 'style' - the 'style' hasn't changed; the subject, materials, pallette all do though as like a lot of creative people, I get bored.......

Till next time! Joy

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"SUMMERTIME" at Jayes Gallery! Painting along.....

Hi there

Well summertime is here and my paintings (or a few of them) will be the fabulous Jayes Gallery in Molong in a group show along with leading artists, Eris Fleming, Jaq Davies, Ian Grant, Glenn Hoyle and Josephine Jagger- Manners. The show opens next Wednesday 30th January and runs for 5-6 weeks...... further details from jayes blog!

Ther's not a lot of engelman works available at the moment as I'm painting for my mid-year solo show with Jayes (19 July - 25 August 2013) and then, my nose will be well and truly in the paint bucket getting the large works out for next year's big one! Or maybe that will be 2015..... who can tell as I have big plans for large, large works from my recent outback journeys..... well documented landscapes that have burned into my soul!

But for now, here are the paintings that Jayes has available...... why not pop out to the gallery, stroll around the sculptures and have a chat with Libby and Hugh Oldham in their beautiful setting in Molong!

"Anticipation" - a painting inspired by my grandson William with his red hair and handsome face. I tried to capture the feeling that a boy has when he first goes to catch that ball! The moment that makes him a cricket fan for the rest of his life.... it's 100 cm x 88 cm and framed in a black box frame! Would make a great gift for a cricket fan or young boy!

Then there's a watercolour for the kitchen (?) I'm not sure where to hang this one but I think a nice clean modern kitchen/dining area, which is why it is framed with a deep white box frame and 120 cm mount in white all round - sort of building on a white on white theme - anyway, it's a fresh painting in watercolour with some black and gold inks on D'Arches watercolour - full sheet 70 cm x 50 cm framed.

And last, a small watercolour titled "Up Close Poppy" which shows the heart of our favourite red poppy in all it's summer glory!  There are many paintings in this group show that will delight you from Eris's spirited outback humour to Josephine's pretty interiors, there's a painting there for everyone!

The group show for Coloured City Creatives finishes tomorrow so then it's back into the studio and up to the elbows in paint, paper and canvas with the whip cracking.....

Love to see you at the studio some time but remember you need to phone and make an appointment as once I get 'on the brush', it's hard to focus on the 'real' world!