Monday, April 27, 2009

And on a lighter note!

From my friends in Fuerteventura

Ida and Tito sent me this video this morning. Tito has organised and an event for the town! Wow! Well done Ida and Tito......I want to be there! Look at all the sunshine! Happy faces and good fun!

For all the biennale group, Tito painted the big bright paintings on the side ogf the building towards the end of the video! He was such a funny man and Ida made the funny video on the biennale (plus this one) that's on my other blog at

and for more of Ida's work, go to here.....

Have a great day...the sun is trying to peep thru here in Orange in Oz!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Winter Blows In! Food Week!

Well Food Week went out with a bang! The usual damned cold blustery and rainy day for a grand finish! I climbed out of bed this morning grumpily facing the another winter's day! It's been four days since sun greeted me through my early morning window! I do love that sunlight to awaken to! As I grow older, I find the winter more and more depressing - cold seeps through the floorboards and into my old bones - ah yes, you say! I'm not old but I've packed a hell of a lot into this little ol' life of mine and I feel it! But Food Week, well that's for Sydneysiders visiting our fair place with their galoshes and brollies......not for my world, soggy food, cold rain, mud and wine don't mix!

So here's a pic of the day!

See what I mean - no colour! Where's all my colour! What a day and then the phone's my good friend and confidante, Nina from the Chop Art Shop! She wants to give me a cheque and wants more paintings! Heavens you have to love that woman! She always sells well! I promise I'll come out straight away so I drag the weary bod into the car and head out!

Here's what I found on the way!

A rainbow but even it was finding it hard to be beautiful on this dreariest of days!

Had a lovely time at the Chop Art Shop even though a grim storm was promising to ruin our lives at any moment....the Gods really kbow how to wreck a Sunday....( hmmm!) more like Stormday! If you're in Millthorpe don't forget to check out the Chop Art Shop - fun place filled with beautiful women and big smiles!

But on the way back got all inspired by this wonderful tree....had to stop and take a shot....

Hmm! Starting to think of e new theme to do......getting a bit inspired at last! Hope you're all good out there! and painting along well!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Breakdown.......or was that breakout?

Well I don't know about you, my friends, but Easter was just lurverly......I took myself to Sydney and looked after my 2 grand children.....what a hoot! but boy oh boy, am I paying for it now.....

The energy of the young is so fantastic! A continuous thread of high power, loud and bright noise that almost reaches the white point in your brain after just a few hours......still, for a gran, I think I did pretty well.

I did manage, amongst the melee, to grab a shot or two of that over the top and bright muralised room that Josie took 3 long days over last Christmas to complete and will be due for renovating shortly......I think it would completely over power me but she seems to be happy with here's a shot for you to ponder.....

ah life is grand but today, I'm feeling a bit slow so here's hoping that you are all well and fine and painting along....selling as's always good when someone else likes your work too.....

Time to focus on the good things in off to the markets so I don't completly starve!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Good's damned Toosday and I haven't had a blog for a week!

What with all the goings and comings, it's been hard I tell you.

First there was the hanging of the art at Jayes.......two funny artists Greg Hyde and Eris Fleming, 44 works to be hung and catalogued, whew! then it was the opening that I didn't (couldn't make) too busy lying on my back watching Vincent and Rebus, too tired to hold the remote even......

Here's a little vignette I put together that I endearingly call 'the village life'......reminds me of Molong!

Nice saying to put nearby, "It always good to live in a village because if you wake up in the morning and don't know what you're doing, you can always ask around!"

But a great show....the long painting is by Eris Fleming and is "The Village".....and 2 of Eris' sculptures depicting humanity!

Then there was the art class (Autumn Art School) for the ill-advised........but thye came in droves, painted and conquered the empty canvases in front of them, ate fabuluous country fare, talked too much, and drove off into the sunset satiated and tired.........I was completely farked by then.......back to the remote.......

and today is Mad hasn't stopped, the flat has been like Pitt Street in a mid morning clearance sale day rush, people coming and going, more of them.........ah the world's gorn completely nuts!

Decided today that there is no economic downturn, only a media furphy to keep the slaves in decidely small budget hasn't changed.......and managed to sell a painting on weekend to a rash of pays to be on the lookout.......

Sorry I didn't take any snaps to give you a gander at the rabid goings on in the you'll just have to guess or go and look at my friend Phil's website ( He's usually got the happy snaps thing going!

The bat phone is still ringing and someone's due in for dinner sometime tonite ....good grief it could be midnight before they make a show......ah well back to the remote!

Life goes on in downtown bush........