Sunday, July 10, 2011

At last! The colours are flowing!

Well finally I have found my flow and the colours are starting to get onto the page! It has taken me a good couple of weeks of pondering to get to the point where I can begin to relax into the works from the Top End. I must say that whilst I was there, I was amazed at the clear light of each day and how the colours of the Top End dance before your eyes! I loved it!

It certainly is a challenge though to get the various energies of that place onto canvas! I like this little work here though that I think achieves the amazing clean cut colours of sandstone reflected on water in the gorge. Hope you like it too! More 

"Reflections" Oil on Oil Paper 29 cm h x 48 cm w

I am amazed at the variations of colour and forms in the Western Australian landscape. It certainly is one of the most wonderful places to paint and visit! Loved it from the air as we were flying over it and saw some inspiring places......hmmmm wish that I was a desert wanderer! or maybe a bird! Till next time!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dreaming of the Kimberleys!

Waking up this morning to sub zero temperatures, I stick my head back under the blankets and begin dreaming of the Kimberleys again! I see myself bumping along looking out the window of the 6WD at what has to be one of the most amazingly beautiful landscapes in the world. 

The colours just bounce off each other, the shadows, the light, the blue blue sky, those limes of the spinifex and oranges of the rocks....opposites on the colour wheel, they dance around each other forming their own magical music! Songlines the aboriginal people call these places/ridges/ranges and to me, they definitely do 'sing'!

 "The Bungle Bungles at mid morning"

I go to my studio and prepare my papers to start but it's so cold, the paint won't dry so I head off to the art shop. Staggering out more exceedingly poor than before, I am happy with the colours I've found....quite a different palette to the one I am used to. The grey cold wind whips around my legs as I huddle into the car $200 spent. OMG! This is such an expensive 'need' of mine! 

I am reminded of poor Gaughin in Tahiti writing to his dealers asking for money to buy paints! Like him, I also rely on my dealers and gallerists to keep me going but this year, I keep getting told that sales are slow. I'm afraid to say, it's been my own sales that have kept me in paint and paper. The GFC has bitten deep!

"Echidna Rock"

I take out my colour notes from the journey. I have to burn that blue blue sky into my deepest psyche so that I can recreate it perfectly. I could not believe when I looked up, just how wonderful that deep blue sky was above the tones of oranges and limes. This was indeed an inspiring journey......which reminds me, I am in the running to win another but to Uluru! Hmmm wouldn't that be fantastic!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be putting my field notes (small works on paper), my explorations (large works on paper) and major works (large works on canvas) as I develop them in the studio from my memories, studies, diary and photos so keep an eye out. Here's the link as I paint away the days!

 So happy painting to all of you out there or happy collecting - or both!

Everyone welcome!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Colour Blind or what?

Here's a great test from Pantone for all you colourful people out there!

Take the test and let me know your score! Put it in the comments field if you dare! I am pretty pleased with my results I tell you......for eyes that are getting on in years and used every day to sort colours, I am pretty chuffed with my score!

It's great fun too!

 You'll ind it here thanks to Pantone!