Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Arkaroola!

Just had to make a little video on Arkaroola and why I head out that way! Looking out my window today, I know exactly why I need to leave Orange in winter - aching joints, limpy leg, creaky bones..... the chilly air brings out the worst in us.... and the cold just gets colder every year.... so of course, now I've been home for 5 minutes, I am wanting to turn around and escape again!

So made a little video to pass away the time..... hope you nJoy it!

As well, have been back in the studio as I have a new solo show coming up at Jayes Gallery at Molong..... opens Friday 19 July at 6.30 pm! cyu there?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Arkaroola Art Tour a hoot!

Well hi everyone!

We're back from Arkaroola and it was as usual, amazing! The artists found inspiration and healing in this very special part of the Ozzie outback - deep in the heart of South Australia. It has to be one of my own very favourite places to visit......

We started by flying over Lake Frome - less well known than Lake Eyre and a gem..... this time, the lake had a 50-75 cm cover of water making the surface like a mirror. We were so dumbstruck by it that we couldn't speak much to the consternation of the pilot who thought that we might not have been impressed. But I assured him that we just couldn't speak at the sheer beauty and ethereal nature of the lake in flood.....

Lake Frome

After having our minds expanded in the observatory that night by Doug Sprigg who showed us the starry night sky through his wonderful telescope, we climbed exhausted into bed our sides aching from laughter.

Next day saw us take a gruelling tour of 4 1/2 hours of back breaking chiropractic abuse in the open back of a 4WD across country to Sillers Lookout! But it was well worth the rough ride with everyone sliding up and down the seats into each other!

View from Sillers Lookout

On Day 3, we took a fair hike of just over a km the guide said (hmmm..... it was definitely a lot longer than that!) down through Mawson Valley and to the riverbed where Sharpie, our aboriginal guide told us some dreamtime stories from the area. I think we were all so tired by this time, that we were just happy to have a seat even if it was in the sand! But it was a gentle way for the tour to wind down.

We headed back into the studio, but I feel we all had so many images fighting to emerge in our heads and hearts, that we all found it quite difficult to focus on just one thing to paint..... so we chatted away the afternoon with some people painting hard!

There are more photos on Panoramio and I will load some more as I find time. But in the meantime, consider Arkaroola as a must see destination for the Australian painter! They are friendly, helpful and ready to welcome artists with open arms..... it's well worth the long (fascinating) drive out there! But take plenty of memory cards as they won't go astray!

Looking forward to being able to take more of you on wild painting adventures!

Joy - oh and, we are having a group show at Aawun Gallery later this year! So don't forget to keep an eye out for details as they come to hand!