Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Echidna Garden

Nothing is quite as ZEN as a walk in a wild wood and coming across a lone echidna quietly going about his/her business..... well, at least this was my experience of seeing this amazingly beautiful creature wombling along in amongst mauve melaleucas and bacon and egg plants this last week.
 So here he is...... emerging from the bushes. He/She hasn't noticed me as I am upwind and staring stupendously!
 Yes, a little closer, OMG!
And now just a few feet away and he/she still hasn't seen me which is strange as I am beside myself with delight!
And this is the pretty melaleuca that is such a feature of this recent regrowth from welcome rains.

I just wanted to share this with you all! It was a lovely week on Jacquie's farm in the Shoalhaven Region. Have a wonderful life!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Painting in the Australian Outback is always a treat!

If ever you wanted to experience the Outback and delight your senses all at once, then going to Arkaroola with 8 fantastic women and 2 men to explore, paint and renew friendships is a great way to do it!

We have just returned from our fifth trip to that great Aussie icon, the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary where our souls were inspired, nourished and delighted all at once. Many people just drive in, stay over one night, then drive out which for me is completely missing this amazing opportunity to reignite one senses with the arid lands of Australia.

The landscape was alive with wildflowers and Sturts Desert Peas didn't fail us with their wonderful show of colour. The days were balmy and the evenings warm.

Sturt's Desert Pea - a wonderful sight to see!
Cassia blooms everywhere in the Spring making the fields golden

We wondered and wandered amongst the hills and plains, across fields of flowers, to Paralana Springs where the air was heavy and hot. We couldn't stay long and returned across the Strzlecki Desert, ablaze with colour. Here's Jan putting together some field notes on the Springs in the hot desert sun! Brave Jan!

A pure whit e gum stands proud against the rocks of Paralana Springs! Sure to bring out the best in any artist!

Lake Frome also amazed us with the best colours yet as recent rains had semi-filled the salt lake. Pastel colours criss crossed the land awash with salt below us as we circled in the Piper Navaho at 3500 feet. Ah heaven!

Lake Frome at it's most magnificent - an abstract of pastel shades!
When I began to take artists to the desert to paint, I never realised just how rich and rewarding the experience would be especially for myself! But as the adventures have rolled into each other, we have bonded together into a group, the Wild Women of Arkaroola PLUS (PLUS for the occasional brave male that joins us!). I cannot tell you how deeply these field trips have affected me and my artworks, but they have and I am now painting with all the JOY of a long life as an artist!

I wish you all a creative and fulfilling life as you explore Mother Earth! May you have eyes to see the beauty in her as we do.