Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time to GEE UP and get to it!

Robert Genn says in his recent email "Thinking ahead is good! Starting is better!"

With that in mind, I am about to put the hectic pace of 2011 behind me and enter the quiet space of the studio and START to paint! I'm not sure about you but everyone I know is telling me how busy and fast this year has been, that time is speeding up and there's so much to do, that making decisions is becoming more and more difficult. I know for myself that this Year of the Rabbit has chopped and changed about quickly and is proving to be a difficult one in which to 'focus' in the way I need to focus!

So here we go, to make a START!

Even my newsletter and blog have gotten well behind and there are many, many friends and colleagues that I just haven't had time to connect with....and on that idea of connection, isn't it now a strange connect (?) or do we?

I was thinking this morning about how many friends and connections I have around the world (and I love all of you - you are all such fantastic artists, philosophers and people!) and how much I would like to be able to 'connect' with you all more! My mother on the other hand had only 2 friends who lived overseas and to 'connect' with them, she used to write long letters by hand, send them off by post (6 weeks to deliver) and then wait patiently for replies! They were long letters though and full of stories about the family, her feelings and desires and well-wishes for her 2 pen pals (old nicknmae for people we used to write to).

How my mother would have loved this new mode of connection - but back to my question - do we really 'connect' nowadays? I rather doubt that we are connecting! I feel we are having quite a shallow experience these days compared to my mother's.

Our lives are now filled with rather tenuous promises of "I'll remember you!" "I'll definitely be in touch!" "You'll see me again" but each day brings us 'new' connections, new people and new promises and our past words fall like leaves in the Autumn on cold and hard ground.

So now back to my studio to re 'connect' with my 'art'. And hopefully now that I've made a START back on the internet after some 8 months doing other stuff, I'll be able to keep a connection with you all as well!

Last year saw the end of "The Eye of the Eagle" Series and I am now preparing myself for the long way forward into the next series of work.......the idea has come from the past series but is more focused....more later as I progress forward.

My works are now available at Wentworth Galleries in Sydney CBD as well as Aarwun in Canberra and Jayes in Molong. I will be discussing exhibition dates over the next few weeks and will let you all know when and where but in the meantime, take a look in the galleries if you're near them!