Thursday, October 18, 2012

Outback Trekkin'.......

Well after quite some time, I am finally ready to do some blogging again! You might wonder where I've been... or those of you who follow my blog, and thankfully there are a few.......

These last few weeks, my friend Wanda and I have been outback and across the Birdsville Track down through South Australia, through the mighty Flinders Ranges and through the back country to Silverton, White Cliffs and back to Bourke.

This amazing trek was brought about through our great friend Stuart Johnson of Bourke and his wonderful 4WDs that he hires out to any intrepid traveller of this great southern land of ours!

The road ahead! Australian red soils abound right through the corner country of NSW and it always makes me really happy to be out in this beautiful land. It really is painter's country so if you want inspiration, then head out this way..... don't forget to call Stuart at Bourke for wise advice and a 4WD ready to go!

 Sitting in the shade while we get the car ready...... a terrific way to spend a day!

 The monitors are friendly out here as they survey they're land..... grand little proud creatures that welcome you to 'country'.

Not to forget the other locals having a laugh in the shade!

Over the coming weeks, Wanda and I will be painting up a storm! Literally, we found a wonderful storm in the Strezlecki Desert as we passed through that way..... so I am sure it will feature in ssome of our works as the palette of colurs was just amazing.......

With over 6,800 photos (and that' after chucking the crook ones away) to sort through it will take a while to relive this journey. I will load them up to panoramio (no not all of them just the special few) to entice you to the desert.

But do always be careful when you travel out there for while it is a magnificent and wild place, it is also unpredictable and a trap for the unwise and unwary..... carry plenty of water, and spares, and take your time..... we saw many cars by the side of the road with broken axles, shredded tyres etc as people tend to think it's a racetrack and forget the dangers of being stuck out there without provisions or help.

So till next time, have a wonderful life!