Sunday, April 1, 2012

Have we lost our way on this planet?

We have but one home - it's called earth..... and it's an important place because even if we could find a way off, other planets are hardly welcoming.... we still haven't found one nearby that would support life and even if it could, it would taken many generations to build the home we have here.... or did have here.... before we started to pollute and rape the earth.

2012 is surely the year for a wake up call... as we plunder the limited supply of oils, coal, minerals and metals, convert them into rubbish which we then bury back into the ground or worse, throw out to sea, maybe this year we could all take a look at our own consumption and start to think how we might be part of the solution. For me, I have cut down to a pretty simple lifestyle and this year, I am determined to not buy anything I don't absolutely need and to mend things rather than throw away.

My paintings have traditionally been inspired by our beautiful Mother Earth, the wonderful landscapes we live and enjoy and I have found great pleasure over my life creating many paintings, each one completely different to the next. The joy of being able to express myself through art has never left me.

In these later years though, I have found myself wanting to express my concern for the earth and what we are doing to it seemingly with little regard for the future of the generations of human beings to come. Here in Australia, our laws unfortunately were set in place by colonial attitudes to allow the rape and pillage of the landscape by the early settlers and those same laws also now allow us to mine the landscape to its detriment...... most people don't have the time "to give a damn!" esconsced as they are in a cheap luxury lifestyle and kept busy by an aquisitive culture that has made 'money' god.

Today I worked on a painting entitled "LAND / SCARRED" (above) which features the pindan soils of the top end of Western Australia - those luscious reds and purples of iron ore, those sensuous curving hills and there right in the middle I find myself painting a mine site..... it isn't any particular mine site, just one that I designed from the lay of the land on the canvas..... worked up from a number of mine sites that I have seen from the air in my travels. Please feel free to download it and save it as a desktop image if you would like. I doubt if it will ever sell but if I can raise some comment, an eyebrow or make someone out there think, then I have achieved much.

Stop by again soon....