Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Country Ramble

Hi everyone!

Well I've finally made it back here to write a few thoughts down and show you a few highlights of the last few days!

Imagine my surprise and delight to see Jessica Watson in her boat coming through the Spit at Southport the other day! I had just taken a walk along the beautiful beach, dreaming all the while, when I noticed how busy it was. I thought "Isn't it great that people use this spot?" But no, they were gathering to see Jessica return home. And here she is!

I said to a couple of nice young men with their surfboards next to me "She's a hero you know!" and they replied "She's definitely our hero!" It brought a tear to my eye to see one so young make such an impact on us all with her bravery! Well done Jessica!

And here's a shot of the beach - amazing shades of blues and greens - so fresh and clean!

The contrast between the Moree Plains and the wide ocean are wonderful to experience within a few days of each other ..... makes you think and feel ...... reminds you of what a wonderful place we all live in! How wide and free, remote and sparse, how diverse!

The colours of Australia make you want to paint, to splash about in the studio and create great big canvasses! Check out this Moree sunset!

and here's a colourful view of the Glasshouse Mountains along the way! It was a lovely journey, 2100 kms by car all on my own with some wonderful friends and dinners along the way! But today, well, I'm back at the desk doing what artists do....surfing the net and writing up their blogs hehe!

Happy painting! nJoy