Sunday, March 2, 2014

Watercolour Workshops with Joy!

During the next two months, I will be holding watercolour workshops in Orange and would love to share my techniques and ideas with you! I have been reticent to share in the past mainly due to time constraints, timing being wrong and a host of other things but the time is now right!

For those of you who wonder what my watercolours look like, I will tell you that I like to use the whole sheet and paint big like Georgia O'Keefe! I like closeups of flowers, bright, bold and luscious!

Of course, I won't be expecting you to paint this large but I will demonstrate to you how easy it is to get to this size confidently and once you have mastered the techniques!

This is a peony rose painted in watercolour on D'Arches cotton rag - size 75 cm wide c 52 cm high! - a full watercolour sheet.

I will take you through several techniques at the classes from traditional water colour, chinese brushwork and some easy modern special effects for backgrounds!

It doesn't matter what your favourite flower is, nor does it matter if you want to paint landscapes, the outcome for the classes is that you will have mastered several techniques that you can use in all of your work to achieve the result you want competently.

Here's a poppy in progress:

And here's the poppy heart:
If you think this might be something you would lik to do, then download a brochure here.

Have a happy day painting!