Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome to my diary!

Found this fellow on a headland just ready to fly. He had a little chat with me about how peaceful it was floating above the earth and sea, like a bird! and WOW!

I dunno about you, but I have found the last few months exhausting......several of my dear artist friends from all over the world are also finding it hard this year! There seems to be so much bad news these days, that for many of us, it is dragging us down.

I love to paint....I am always happiest with a brush in my hand or a forest to sit in....or a beach to listen to.

This last week I have been lucky enough to head to the beach and finding the open air, the fresh sea breezes blowing, the sun shining and the endless call of the sea still there made me feel alive.

I have returned to see last night's TV, all gloom and doom, then a show of some sheila cutting up a body (oh yuckie!)....and it all tumbled in on me again....I think I'll just go on back and sit by the sea.... Now I don't want to beat on the press, but when are they going to realise that we're all so sick and tired of their endless moaning and groaning that we are turning off to them in wonder Facebook, Twitter etc are winning over the's all a breath of fresh air and most important of all, it's 'real'......good stories about 'real' people! Gotto love the web.....

So a few photos to remind me of what the world is really like....for those who care to take matters into their own hands and head on out and about....

Sat and stared at this wonderful surf over good coffee at Birubi Beach! The dunes just went endlessly to the horizon and beyond, much like the desert that I you such an awesome feeling of being small in the world! Always good for a big bird like me!

So this morning, I though, I think I'll start an online diary....for anyone who's interested....Thought it might be a bit more fun than Facebook, a bit more personal, no ads if you care to join me here, feel free to speak easy and from your heart......



Sam Annis-Brown said...

Hi Joy, Like your Diary idea, you are a very good writer maybe a book will come out of this with of course your paintings in it (-: Regards Bev A-B

robyn said...

Whew Joy --another communication option sorted !! I have been carrying your holiday bags in cyber space...see, they were my footprints on the beach ( I wish)..your photos are fabulous - cant wait to see what you make of them for your next offerings..maybe a squawking sea gull sound track to add to the collection ? Catch you on the next iced cafe au latte...Robink

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Joy, completely understand about getting away from the media and its ever present apocalyptic drone. My TV blew up some time ago and I haven't got around to getting another one. It's about the third spell I've had with no TV. In fact I've not room to put it anyway.

I admire your getting around and seeing places - something i should do more often but it's difficult with a toddler. I seem to go off places in my head and always will.

Love from melissa