Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ah! Today's the day that Nina opens her new venture at Millthorpe, arty little village near where I'll be a grand opening I am sure and we are looking forward to heading on out in our best pink and purple hair to commune with other arts bores over a vino etc So.....if you care to join us, please do at 6.30 at 25 Victoria St.

Some smart names, Alan Sisley to open the show, always entertaining - all the right ingredients for a good feast!

later we'll head off to Tonic - that very smart restaurant up the road for fine wining and dining of the very best kind.......and arts talk!

Have updated my little online shop of prints etc this morning , added a few more images etc etc.....but my right hand is giving me grief! It has a little tendonitis at the moment....from too much work....yeah yeah I hear you say.....but it's true. Can't seem to pick anything up aaargh!

Maybe a new artform.....left handed paintings - been done before I know but new for me....anyway away! see you another day!

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Anonymous said...

Bonjour Joy

When I hear about art exhibitions in the villages of Cabonne I get all nostalgic. Well done for the Chop Art Shop for a great opening, I hear. Found my recipe for brioche this evening and nostalgia crept up again for my cafe. Honestly I could do it all again I loved it that much (except the next time I'll get a commercial dishwasher)

Love Melissa