Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunset Roadkill & Hubcap

Well, you never know just what is around the corner and just the other day, I was invited to participate in a Landfill Arts Project in USA......

Being the serious artist that I am, I just couldn't resist to take a few moments rest from myself and put together a painted hubcap.

Scrambling around the junkyard was inspiring in itself....amazing array of stuff there.....sculptureal! Finding a great Thunderbird hubcap (must be a classic!) I eagerly paid my $5 and headed home to the studio.

I have to say i was fun...and now today, it is finished and I've made a little video of it in progress.....background music courtesy of Four Second Fuse (my son's band!).......semmed to fit....."gotta make it in time!"

Hope you enjoy it!

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