Sunday, July 13, 2008

Romy Tysoe-Taylor Exhibition

Well, last night, yours truly was once again invited to open an excellent exhibition. The cold weather has closed in now and today as I sit here with the temperature dropping, I think back on what was a wonderful evening.

Romy is truly an extraordinary painter. Her favourite subject is nudes, and nude they are; bright, colourful, strong lines and explicit. They draw you into their private worlds as they sit there on the canvas with no shyness or cover. From the first time I saw Romy's work over 10 years ago now, I have always loved her freedom of painting the human body with such abandon.

It certainly was a joyful evening, with many others in attendance...... a good country supper as always and plenty of local wines to help the evening along.

I noticed the red dots appearing as I was leaving and saw Romy beaming at what is a successful first solo show. Romy has 10 years of solid instruction in the arts from Seaforth TAFE (4 years) and a further 4 years at CoFA leaving with a Masters in the early 90's. A seasoned and well developed painter who can hold her own.

You can visit Romy in her studio, Mandagery Art Studio, Broad Street, Eugowra if you have missed the show!

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