Saturday, July 26, 2008

13 Photographers at Borrodell!

Well Wow! What a great night! The gallery was crowded for an interesting night again at Borrodell Cellar Gallery....the wine flowed, the noise, the noise, the noise, ah and yes, it 'was noise' as well.

13 photographers showing off their art which included some gimmicks, some tricks and some really cutting edge images. It demonstrated how photographers now feel the need to break away from classical photos and become more edgey as the market becomes flooded with wannabees. In some ways, the work reflected the break from traditional art forms that artists went through when cameras first came into being and threatened the life blood of artists.

Back then, recording the family and their belongings was the realm of realist painters and of course this shifted as photographers took over. Artists had to find the edge and they did. Now we see this happening as photographers find their domain being impacted by the digital camera.

So an interesting show that demands attention and raises questions about the place of photography in the modern world and the future.........must go if in until end August!

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