Friday, July 1, 2011

Colour Blind or what?

Here's a great test from Pantone for all you colourful people out there!

Take the test and let me know your score! Put it in the comments field if you dare! I am pretty pleased with my results I tell you......for eyes that are getting on in years and used every day to sort colours, I am pretty chuffed with my score!

It's great fun too!

 You'll ind it here thanks to Pantone!


david weir art said...

Hi Joy, Nice challenge I scored 27 should be good i was a 4/color combiner for ten years, that was 20 years ago.
Nice post.

Mel said...

Hi Joy, I got 13, is that OK?

Joy said...

Yes Mel! The closer you get to zero the better your colour sense is! I got 11 so we're doing pretty well! Fun to do though!

Vicki Powys said...

Very pleased to find I scored ZERO! even though I am now 60+. It helps to have the screen monitor set as bright as possible. And I have a flat screen on iMac, might help too. It was fun sorting the colours, thanks for the link.

david weir art said...

Took my time tried again and got 4 thats better.