Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Saatchi Gallery Showdown

Well, here's a bit of fun for all artists outback!

Recently I joined the Saatchi Gallery online and this week I have put some artwork in their online's all a bit tongue in cheek and fun to do!

I put in a painting well known to some of you that features my ol' Oz Emu friend.......

I ran into him whilst wandering around the sand dunes of Lake Mungo. He stuck his head up out of a saltbush and stared at me. I could just see him ticking over in his mind what a funny looking bird I was. I titled the painting "What the bloody hell are you doing here?"

The government initiative that inspired this work it is the tourism advertisement with the blonde ladette who says "Where the bloody hell are you?" to the supposed toruists coming to visit Oz....and indeed, where are they?

The recent news that certain people are now contemplating Paul Keating (who the bl...y hell is he?) as the next face of Oz Tourism is even funnier than the last failure.......from ladette to old laddie! Can't for the life of me see what a clock collecting lizard has got to do with tourism......I feel another picture coming on....!

But in any case, it's all a good laugh and brings out the larrikin in all of us!

Unfortunately voting is over now but it was all good fun!
Have a great day! Till next time.......

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